Hi, we are Lush and we like to party. We also like to do stunts. We decided that a product needs to be developed to improve our partying and stunting abilities, but at the same time make us look rad while we do it. This is the start of Lush. The first eye windows, nicknamed “Stunts” are here to up the stoke level. We guarantee that as soon as you slip your first set of “Stunts” on, your life will change, you will instantly feel the steeze. At about the same time you will realise that you are all of a sudden much more capable of performing stunts and partying harder than ever, simply because you look so stylin’. So weather your out trying to find the green room, bombing down the slopes, railing berms or boosting off wake, your going to be looking bitch’n.

Let the Lush times roll…

#lusheyewear #lushcrew #lushtimes #funhavers

Shop 3 / 60 Manning St, Tuncurry, NSW, 2428, Australia